Warren Sapp pictured here in 2002.

Note to all waitstaff: If you find Warren Sapp at your table, never ever refer to him or his friends as “boys.” If you do, you probably won’t get tipped. That’s what happened to a waitress at a Florida sports bar Tuesday shortly before the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game.

Lest you think this is a hoax, Sapp took to Twitter to confirm he did not tip on the $69.39 bill that included crab soup, wings, a pizza, a Reuben and a bucket of Heinekens.

But before anyone assumes Sapp is just a jerk, let’s realize what we don’t know here. We don’t know whether “boys” was said in a playful way or a condescending, possibly racially insensitive way. If it’s the latter, I bet you wouldn’t tip either.

We also don’t know the quality or lack thereof of the service, which we do know did not live up to Sapp’s standards. Now, that could be because Sapp expected too much from a restaurant called the “Upper Deck Sports Bar and Grille” (I Googled the address that can be seen on the tweeted receipt). Or maybe the service was objectively bad, like, maybe the bucket of Heinekens came out warm. That would be awful.

In any case, we do know one thing. Warren Sapp not tipping a waitress in Florida is a thing that happened.

(H/t: Deadspin)