‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at the 2014 CMT Music awards in Nashville. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is best known for partaking in choreographed fights in the WWE, but now he’s making a name for himself by jaw-jacking about real fights in the UFC.

Austin went on The MMA Hour,  a podcast dedicated to all things mixed martial arts, and laid the verbal smackdown on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who’s set to face Alexander Gustafsson in September.

Austin squarely hopes Gustafsson will win.

“[Jones] does rub me the wrong way on certain things,” Austin during the podcast. “I would love to see him get his [expletive] kicked because it’s gonna take a hell of a man to do that.”

Austin did cushion his smackdown on Jones, however.

“When I say some things about Jon Jones irritate me, I respect who and what he is in that octagon, make no mistake about that,” Austin said.

Perhaps even more interesting, Austin also shared his opinion on a variety of other subjects, such as Vince McMahon (“I love Vince, he’s a classy guy. He’s a shrewd businessman.”), performance-enhancing drugs (“It is what it is.”),  and Floyd Mayweather, which offered the most ironic moment of the show.

“He’s just a little too abrasive for me,” Austin said.

Meanwhile, Steve Austin’s new show, which is rather abrasively titled, “Broken Skull Challenge” is set to premiere July 6 on CMT.

(H/t: USA Today)