Carmelo Anthony, left, and Kobe Bryant may have played pickup at UCLA, fueling further speculation that Anthony will join Bryant on the Lakers. (Alex Gallardo/Associated Press)

We know that free agent Carmelo Anthony visited the Lakers. We think that the Lakers made a very strong pitch. And we’re hearing that Anthony played hoops Sunday at UCLA with not only Kobe Bryant but Kevin Love! Note the decreasing certainty of those three sentences. However, it’s one thing to hear something from, you know, the interwebs, it’s another thing to see this tweet from an assistant men’s basketball coach at UCLA:

And he’s not the only Bruins staffer who made this claim. Josh Rebholz, a senior associate athletic director for external relations, tweeted something similar (he later deleted the tweet, which is why I’m embedding another person’s screen grab of it):

Now, none of this, even if it’s true, necessarily means anything in terms of Anthony’s decision to possibly leave the Knicks. Maybe he and Bryant just wanted to play some ball; they are professional ballplayers, after all, so that’s kind of what they do. And Love, who, by the way, is still under contract with the Timberwolves, played a year of college ball at UCLA, so he may have been hanging around there looking to play pickup with whomever hit the gym. Or he may not have been there at all.

Boy, if Kobe and Carmelo were going at it, though, you’d like to think that someone at UCLA would have grabbed his or her smartphone and shot some video. In any case, we can add this to Dan Gilbert’s plane/LeBron story in the “NBA Free Agency Rumors” file. And it certainly won’t quell the talk that Carmelo may take himself and his wife LaLa to La-La Land.