An Australian rules football. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Disgraced Uruguayan soccer star and serial biter Luis Suarez has nothing on Brian Lake of the Australian Football League. The Hawthorn player attempted to strangle his opponent, North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie, during a game over the weekend. Petrie even said after the came that he was “nearly asleep there for a moment,” reports the Herald Sun.

Lake is set to face the AFL Tribunal, the disciplinary arm of the Australian Football League opened an investigation into the matter, on Tuesday. He is looking at monetary fine and a suspension, but it is unclear how much and for how long.

Petrie, meanwhile, is also in trouble. He was charged with misconduct when Lake came out of the scuffle with a scratched up face. Petrie claims, however, he was just defending himself. He told Australia’s “Sunday Footy Show” (via the Herald Sun):

“I didn’t mean to gouge or scratch him, I’m sure come (today) there will be something go on and we might hear more about it, but I’m reluctant to go into too much detail.

If it was my doing putting the scratch on his face, I didn’t mean to scratch him. I’m not a scratcher or a gouger, or anything like that.”

Petrie’s team has decided to fight the charge, however, which they will do at Tuesday’s tribunal. If they lose Petrie could be looking at a suspension, as well.

(H/t: Bleacher Report)