Georgia head coach Mark Richt, center, is doused by defensive end Ray Drew (47), flanker ChrisConley (31) and free safety Marc Deas (23) after their 45-31 win over Nebraska in 2013. (Brant Sanderlin/AP)

If Chris Conley doesn’t want to pursue a career in football, perhaps he’ll take his talents to Hollywood. The Georgia wide receiver showed his entire deck of nerd cards by making a 26-minute film based on “Star Wars” called “Retribution.”

To give you a taste, here’s the opening monologue presented in scrolling text, just like the original:

It is a period of Peace and Prosperity. The city of Athens has enjoyed years of Football and Parties under the protection of the Jedi order and Mandolorian Naast Clan.

The fallen Jedi Khari Vion has been exiled since the battle of Snelling in which he tried to kill his former Master and force students to wear jean shorts. His defeat was hard fought and ultimately left his face disfigured.

Since the battle, Master Croi has taken on a new pupil. The talented Killian is on the brink of being a Jedi Knight and having his masters in Awesomeness. Though Killian has passed all tests with flying colors he has one lesson yet to learn.

Khari Vion has been planning something so sinister that neither Killian nor Master Croi will be prepared. The stage is set for the final test. The lights go down in the Classic City as darkness falls.

But if you don’t want to watch for the plot, watch for the light-saber fights in the middle of the school’s SEC football field, Sanford Stadium.

But really, the film is pretty great. Conley stars as the villain, but he’s not the only Georgia football personality in the production. There are cameos by Georgia Coach Mark Richt, running back Todd Gurley and Georgia’s mascot.