Could Clevelanders be on the verge of digging all that LeBron paraphernalia out of the trash? Stay tuned! (John Kuntz/The Plain Dealer via Associated Press)

It was another day of next to nothing concrete happening in NBA. Sorry, folks. It appears that free agents, much like media types, are just waiting to see what LeBron James decides to do. Once he picks a team, the floodgates will most certainly open.

Speaking of LeBron, as one does, respected NBA reporter Chris Sheridan is saying that “a plugged-in source” tells him that “there is a 90 percent chance that LeBron James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it will be announced on if it happens.” Sheridan thinks the move makes sense, for these reasons:

1. There is nothing left for him to accomplish in Miami. He went there for four years, he went to the NBA Finals all four years, and he won two titles while learning what it takes to be a champion. Nobody can ever take that away from him.
2. A chance to return home as a successful, seasoned adult with a chance to deliver the city of Cleveland its first championship in any sport since 1964 is too much of a legacy opportunity for James to pass up.
3. And another thing: The best player he has a chance to team up with is named Kyrie Irving.

Now, those points seem debatable, especially the last one, considering that Chris Bosh appears to be giving James every chance to let them team up again in Miami. Also, it is still not out of the question that, when the music stops, James could be teammates with Carmelo Anthony.

But the greater takeaway is the ever-building drumbeat of LeBron-to-the-Cavaliers. Remember that before The Decision in 2010, rumors were rampant that James and Bosh would join forces with Dwyane Wade on the Heat. Well, the rumors are rampant again, but for a Reverse Decision of sorts. Unfortunately, rumors are all we have right now.

Well, I guess we do know that James is set to meet with Heat string-puller Pat Riley on Wednesday in Las Vegas. Previously in Vegas, on Monday, this happened:


So read into that what you will. I read, “Mmmmmm … sea bass …. ”

Oh, and here’s something concrete!

Of course, the Jazz can match the Hornets’ offer, meaning that Hayward might not be going anywhere. Darn, just when the free agency picture appeared to be getting 0.1% clearer.