Axelle Despiegelaere, left, cheers with another fan. (Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA)

Most people are more likely to get a hangover from attending a World Cup match. A pretty Belgian teenager got a modeling contract instead. Business Insider writes:

Axelle Despiegelaere was just a 17-year-old from Belgium rooting for her country’s soccer team two weeks ago at the World Cup in Brazil when someone took her photo in the stands and likely changed the course of her life.

Soon, a whole lot of photographers caught on and Despiegelaere’s visage started popping up all over the wires. Her photos were re-tweeted thousands of times and soon cosmetics giant L’Oreal took notice, too, and before Belgium lost to Argentina on July 5 in the quarterfinals, Despiegelaere had already done her first print work.

Three days later, she made her first ad.

Because taking a trip to Brazil to watch the World Cup is worth it.