(Bas Czerwinski/EPA)

German cyclist Marcel Kittel is doing all right in the Tour de France — but his hair’s doing even better. Yes, besides winning three of the six stages so far in the 21-stage race, the Giant-Shimano cyclist’s signature floppy-top hairdo is going viral. Even babies are getting in on the action now.

Kittel responded with only semi-approval.

Of course, keeping up the Kittel cut isn’t easy — for men or, contrary to Kittel’s preferences, female babies. It requires so much product that one must be very careful when traveling internationally, lest security’s suspicions be raised.

Luckily, Kittel-suitable hair gel can be procured around the world, so coif crises can generally be avoided.

Kittel, however, will have to reinvigorate his initial energy in the middle stages of the Tour de France if he wants to make it to the winner’s podium. After a stellar start, the cyclist has fallen behind because of rough climbs, which he is not good at, meaning he has virtually no chance of wearing the yellow jersey again. (After Thusrday, that’s still on the back of Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali of Italy.) But Kittel is still fighting for the green sprinter’s jersey. He’s currently in third place for that, trailing Slovakian leader Peter Sagan of Cannondale’s team by a hefty 82 points.