The NFL has helped Cleveland envision what to do about the banner that came down in 2010. (Amy Sancetta / AP)

In the fervor over the Return of LeBron James to Cleveland, the NFL would like to remind everyone that, while it’s the King’s city, there’s an up-and-coming prince.

The League took a few moments to imagine a billboard of Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel alongside James.


Maybe it’s not really such a surprise that both would end up in Northern Ohio. There’s always been a lovefest between the two (never mind that the No. 22 pick in the NFL draft is, for now, a backup).  Manziel signed with LRMR, James’s marketing company, back in January and was courtside at Miami Heat games.

And, when Manziel needed counsel, he found it in James.

“We’re happy we’re able to be a friend of his and be able to help,” James told ESPN last winter. “He reached out to me when he was going through a lot of off-the-field things that I didn’t really — that I thought it was just overblown. He’s not the only kid who went to a college frat party or the only college kid to have fun. But obviously he’s Johnny Manziel, so it is blown out of proportion.”

The real winner? Drake, naturally. He roots for both of them.