REUTERS/Mike Stone

The NBA free agent market is making up for lost time. Now that LeBron James is headed back to Cleveland, the other star free agents are seemingly moving quickly.

Shortly after James announced his decision, speculation shifted to Kevin Love joining him in Cleveland through a trade.

Some believe that James omitting Andrew Wiggins and Dion Waiters in his letter is an indication of such a move.

Meanwhile in Miami, the Heat is making every effort to hang on to its two remaining stars. The Houston Rockets initially targeted Chris Bosh in 2010 and appeared to be closer than ever to signing the lefty power forward after dealing Jeremy Lin to the Los Angeles Lakers to clear the necessary cap space, but that trade could be in vain, as the latest reports indicate that Bosh is close to re-signing with the Heat.

After the New York Daily News reported that Carmelo Anthony would re-sign with the Knicks Wednesday, the latest reports indicate that Melo is still deciding between Chicago and New York. Early reports also indicated that the Bulls are trying to lure Dwyane Wade back to his hometown, while the Heat also try to re-sign its franchise guard.

And finally, Pau Gasol will announce his decision soon, with a handful of teams possibly still in the mix.

Thomas Johnson is a reporter.