(Gilles Mingasson/Travel Channel)

It’s pretty well known that chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain is a huge fan of mixed martial arts. Both he and his wife Ottavia talk about their love of the  UFC openly and can often be seen in attendance at the promotion’s events.

But until now, Bourdain has kept his family’s love of a less-real type of fighting on the down-low. Yes, it seems Bourdain cheated on the octagon this weekend with the squared circle, and realized he might just be a WWE fan after all. He posted this photo on Instagram today.

He added the caption:

“I went because my daughter and her friend think WWE is awesome. But, God help me, I had a rollicking good time. That was some hilariously awesome, cheesy, over the top, campy, physically impressive showboating. And the initially scary looking audience are so in to it you can’t help but be … well … charmed. Here, the amazing, often airborne Uso Brothers do what they do so well.”

From one WWE fan to, now, another, welcome to the club, Mr. Bourdain. Soon enough you’ll be growing a beard and joining the Wyatt family. You just wait.