(Jerry Lai/USA Today Sports)

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson told softball great Jennie Finch not to take it easy on him when he stepped to the plate for a celebrity game on Sunday ahead of Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game.

She didn’t. And, in the spirit of such comedy classics as “John Wall’s First Pitch,” “Carl Lewis’s First Pitch” and “50 Cent’s First Pitch,” we now have “Adrian Peterson Apparently Doesn’t Know How to Swing a Bat.”

To be fair to Peterson, Ben Goessling of ESPN writes that AP rarely played baseball growing up and hadn’t taken any cuts in 15 years. But that didn’t stop him from telling Finch to bring the heat.

“I said, ‘Don’t take it easy on me. I want you to come with a fastball,’ ” Peterson told ESPN. “She said, ‘What else?’ I said, ‘Changeup.’ Initially, I thought she was going to continue to throw them underhand, but she saw I was serious.”

The at-bat ended in controversy. Peterson claimed that two of his cuts were foul balls, which Finch disputed. Then, with Finch lofting a beer-league pitch at him, he grounded out.

[H/T: SBNation]