Nike is honoring retiring Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter with a tribute ad set to air during Tuesday's All-Star Game. It's full of cameos from celebrities and athletes tipping their hats to the baseball player. (Tom LeGro/The Washington Post)

The All-Star Game on Tuesday will be a Jeter-fest from start to finish as the New York Yankees shortstop makes his final appearance in the midsummer classic.

And, as a fitting farewell to Derek Jeter, Nike’s Jordan brand will roll out a 90-second ad during his 14th appearance in the game. It’s a perfect spot, really, with the late Bob Sheppard’s introduction for each at-bat followed by a hat tip from famous New Yorkers and pseudo-New Yorkers like: Carmelo Anthony, Jay Z, Billy Crystal, Phil Jackson, a couple of Red Sox fans, Mr. Met, former mayor Rudy Giuliani and on and on until Michael Jordan caps it off.

The ad, first shown by AdWeek, will run in its entirety during Tuesday’s game; a 60-second version will run during the rest of the season.

It’s just … perfect.