Now you can have this on your feet! (The Bulletin, Mark Morical via Associated Press)

Mike Trout recently made sports-biz news by becoming the first MLB player since Ken Griffey Jr. to get his own Nike signature shoe.

Okay, pretty nice (and for about $140, they’d better be). But what if I’d prefer a different look?

Ah, yes, those do represent a variety of colors. But I dunno, I was still hoping to get something that says, “Not only do I want to play baseball in shoes endorsed by Mike Trout, I’d like to simultaneously honor the fish of the same name.”

Boom! Now that’s a shoe someone could get hooked on. Does it let you scale any height? Gill-ty as charged!

The Angels phenom himself is wearing these during tonight’s all-star game, which is, fittingly, in the state of Minnesota. You know, the Land of 10,000 Places to Possibly Catch a Trout (usually for a lot less than $140).