The song should really go, “Last name ‘ever’/First name ‘greatest… fan of a new sports team every other week,” because Drake the actor-turned-rapper-turned-host of tonight’s ESPY Awards seems to go have more favorite teams than a Michael Bay movie has explosions.

Of course, not all his allegiances are forever. Last week, Drake loved the Heat, but this week he’s all about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Likewise, in May, Drake ditched Texas A&M to devote his football fandom to Cleveland Browns. In fact, Drake now loves Cleveland so much that he’s thinking about setting up house there.

Drake has a perfectly good excuse, for, dare we say, jumping on the ol’ bandwagon. It was never the team he was really a fan of, but a certain player.

“Whether it comes to soccer or football or basketball, I have a lot of friends that play for a lot of teams. I’m not team jumping. I’m a supportive friend,” Drake told a group of reporters over the weekend.

LeBron James and Johnny Manziel are obviously then two of his besties.

That whole “I’m cheering for my friend” excuse might not fly abroad, however. Drake’s been spotted flaunting the gear of both the Manchester United and Chelsea soccer teams. That’s like coming across someone who cheers for both the Washington and Dallas NFL franchises. It just doesn’t make sense!

Drake’s devotion to Kentucky’s basketball program is also a bit of a mystery. Along with his unwavering (for now) allegiance to the Toronto Raptors (which actually, finally, makes sense, as Drake is from Toronto), the rapper and ultimate sports fan has claimed Kentucky is the only other team he will love forever (for now). “I will never stray from them,” Drake told reporters.

And look! Kentucky Coach John Calipari actually believes him!

To see who Drake will cozy up to next (spoiler: everyone!), tune into the ESPYs tonight at 9 p.m. EDT.

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