(Elaine Thompson/AP)

NFL junkies who want all the football without the satellite, rejoice! Sunday Ticket, which airs every out-of-market game,  is now available to stream live directly to computers, phones, tablets and gaming consoles, according to an advertisement recently posted on DirecTV.com. The company, however, has made no official announcement.

Unlike the WWE Network or even Netflix or Hulu, every household might not be eligible for the streaming services. I put in my Washington, D.C., address to check if I was eligible, and I was. But when I tried addresses of relatives and friends who live in various other locales, both in and around D.C. and as far-flung as Minnesota, not all I tried were eligible for the advertised services. No explanation was given as to why.

Those who are eligible, however, have three levels of access to choose from, starting with flat fees of $199.99 and topping out at $329.99. The lowest level of access allows users to watch live, out-of-market NFL games every Sunday, stream games on their computers, tablets or phones, get real-time stats and scores, and track favorite players.

The second level of access, which costs $239.99, does all that except instead of streaming to your mobile devices or computer, users can stream instead to their video game consoles.

The last and most expensive level of access allows users to do all of the above on a computer, mobile device or console, and also throws in Red Zone, which shows every touchdown from every game, and DirecTV Fantasy Zone, which gives live looks at fantasy plays.

AppleInsider.com adds some additional comments:

There is no word yet on whether subscribers will be able to use Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream games on their television from an iOS device. Current versions of the Sunday Ticket app are not AirPlay-enabled, but it is possible that the new subscription packages will change that.

Details aside, however, the idea of being able to stream live games to a computer or other device could have a major impact on the cable and satellite industry. One of the main reasons many people continue to subscribe to cable or satellite services is to be able to watch games live. If people can do that for one flat fee that amounts to much less than a year’s worth of monthly fees, plus extra flat fees on top of that, this could be a real, pardon the pun, game changer.