(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

One week after Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura’s 9-month-old son Janniel suddenly died in the Dominican Republic, team manager Ron Roenicke says the player is ready to get back to work. Roenicke told 620-AM WTMJ’s Greg Matzek today (via MLB.com):

“He’s back in town. He got back last night and I talked to him, and he’s ready to go. He needs to do this, he feels, to keep his mind off of some things. So he’ll be back with us. I don’t know that he’ll be playing every day at the beginning. It’s kind of up to him and how he feels. But he wants to do this, so he’ll meet us there tomorrow.”

The Brewers are set to meet the Washington Nationals in Washington Friday at 7:05 EDT. But the Brewers say Segura’s spot on the lineup is still tentative.

It was just last Friday when Segura learned of his son’s passing, MLB.com reports. He found out immediately after the Brewers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. Teammate Aramis Ramirez told MLB.com that Segura flew home to the Dominican Republic on Saturday and attended Janniel’s funeral on Monday. Segura then returned to Milwaukee on Wednesday, says Roenicke.

“We’re just trying to support him as best we can,” catcher Jonathan Lucroy said at the All-Star Game (via MLB.com). “It’s a really bad, tough situation that I would never wish on anybody. Brutal, man. There’s nothing, really, you can do about it. Just when he comes back, take him in and support him as best we can.”

It’s a safe bet that no matter what team baseball fans are pulling for, they’ll also be supporting Segura during this tough time.