The umpire crew walks onto the field as they are flanked by people dressed as stormtroopers on Star Wars Day at Chase Field. (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

The force-out was with the Diamondbacks today, as they defeated the Cubs, 3-2, on “Star Wars Day.” The promotion encouraged fans to come to Chase Field dressed as characters from the blockbuster movie series; those who had purchased a special ticket package received a bobblehead of starting pitcher Josh Collmenter in Jedi garb. Before the game, stormtroopers escorted the umpiring crew onto the field and hung around for the national anthem.

Good, if nerdy, stuff. But this was tremendous:

Yup, that’s the Fox Sports team of Steve Berthiaume, left, and Bob Brenly taking ‘Star Wars Day’ to a whole new level — all the way up to the announcing booth. Talk about taking Obi Wan for the team. Brenly, in particular, must have felt he was in a galaxy far, far away from his stint as manager of the Diamondbacks. One day you’re leading Arizona to a World Series title (in 2001), the next day you’re competing for Wookiee of the Year. Here’s video of the event, with the announcers appearing at the 1:19 mark:

The clips of Collmenter in his Jedi outfit come from an earlier appearance at Phoenix Comicon, as part of a Fox Sports promotion. Here is more video from that stunt:

Not content, apparently, to dress Collmenter up as a Jedi, the Diamondbacks also gave him the Chewbacca treatment when the pitcher came up to bat. Hey, in for a dime, in for a galactic credit standard, right? (That’s “Star Wars” currency, and, yes, I had to look it up.)