LeBron James watched his son play, then headed for China. (Reuters)

The budding basketball talent of one LeBron James Jr. — a 9-year-old disher-and dunker — has been well-chronicled, but now it’s taken another turn: The fandom of Proud Dad, who is fresh off his “Devouring All the Summer Headlines” tour.

LeBron Jr. played for the Miami City Ballers (oh, the irony) in the AAU Fourth Grade National Championship on Friday and he’s pretty good. But his dad on the sidelines was better.

And, because this was in Lexington, Ky., Kentucky Coach John Calipari was there, too. Not that he was recruiting or anything.

(Courtesy USA Today)

In case you need more, the kid’s moves have been video fodder since he was 4 and there’s a LeBron Jr. highlight reel:

H/T SB Nation, WKYT