Tim Tebow hasn’t been seen in the NFL since he was cut by the Patriots just before the start of the 2013 season. (Elise Amendola/Associated Press)

If you thought the news that Tim Tebow took a job as an analyst with the SEC Network meant that he had given up on being a quarterback, think again. In a report by Fox’s Phoenix affiliate (say that five times quickly), Tebow talks about how he has been working out at a Scottsdale gym known to be favored by NFL players looking to ramp up their training.

The station caught up with Tebow at Performance Enhancing Professionals (yes, that’s really its name), where the ex-Bronco/Jet/Patriot told it, “I go back and forth, here to L.A., doing a lot of quarterback work there … and come here to get all the therapy, and to get my conditioning in, and I’ve loved it. You know, I feel great. I feel the strongest, healthiest, throwing the best that I ever have, so I’m just really excited about the improvement.”

Tebow’s quarterbacking skills may leave something to be desired (thus far), but it’s hard to knock the effort he seems to be putting into a comeback of sorts. He’s shown doing all sorts of not-fun exercises, including playing a version of beach volleyball that substitutes a medicine ball. That looks brutal.

Asked about that particular workout, Tebow said, “I think one of the greatest things it teaches is just to keep fighting. Maybe when your chips are down, or you’re exhausted, or you feel like you can’t keep going, you know, it just teaches you to continue to keep fighting, and that’s so great for sports.”

Spoken like someone determined to keep fighting to get back into the NFL. Now if only someone could convince the rocked-up Tebow to start taking some tight-end lessons, he might make it.

(H/T nfl.com)