(Leo Correa/AP))

Monday night’s WWE “Raw” was by all accounts terrible. Even the ending, which was should’ve been awesome with Paul Heyman’s unveiling of “Plan C,” a.k.a. Brock Lesnar, didn’t have the payoff some fans were hoping for. That’s probably because the current story lines have become all too predictable. (And of course, this SummerSlam ad that leaked last week didn’t help with keeping fans on their toes either.)

With that in mind, obviously Damien Sandow, whose been relegated from the once great “Intellectual Savior” of the WWE to terrible impersonator/village idiot, trolled the Miami audience by coming out dressed up as LeBron James.

Yeah. It managed to be way worse than the time he came out dressed as Lance Stephenson.

In other Raw news, Stephanie McMahon was arrested for slapping what seemed to be a Ric-Flair-level drunk Brie Bella in the face. While it’s mind-blowing that Bella is even still a story line, at least that terrible bit produced the best GIF ever. Please to view the shocked expression on the man’s face behind Bella after she insults McMahon with a word that has no place on a PG television program.

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