The crowd is generally one of the best and worst aspects of the Tour de France. For instance, one man this year brought his violin to the road to serenade riders as they went by.

What’s not to love?

Well, for one: All those selfies this year, where spectators have been getting in the way of the cyclists to capture a blurry moment in time for Instagram. The racers don’t love that.

But even more annoying to certain riders than the physical obstacles that spectators sometimes create are the verbal jabs. Spectators might want to watch out for France’s Thomas Voeckler of team Europcar in particular. He apparently has no time for guff, but lots of time to dismount his bike to yell at a booing Dutch spectator, according to the fan who caught the incident on tape.

Completely taken by surprise, the naysayes immediately apologized to Voeckler who eventually rode off while shaking his head.

Sure, that probably wasn’t the smartest move the 35-year-old rider, whose job this year is to support his team’s lead rider Pierre Rolland, but Voeckler has been taking boos from the Dutch since 2011. That’s the year Voeckler was riding in a breakaway group with Dutch rider Johnny Hoogerland when a car belonging to French television personnel nudged Spanish rider Juan-Antonio Flecha and sent Hoogerland into a barbed wire fence.

As one of the most disturbing crashes in Tour de France history, many thought Voeckler, who escaped unscathed, would stop to make sure his fellow riders were, you know, still alive (he was), but instead, he rode on to grab the yellow jersey that day. He also established himself as the No. 1 dude to boo if you’re Dutch. It seems on Friday Voeckler may have simply thought enough is enough.

(H/t: Daily Mail)