That’s the smile of someone who’s actually good at golf. (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Most golfers can only dream of hitting a hole-in-one (or even getting a lousy eagle, he wrote with clenched teeth). It’s even harder to imagine accomplishing that feat at one of those charity events where you can actually win something for draining an ace at a certain hole.

But that’s the wonderful reality for “SportsCenter” anchor Jay Harris. On Tuesday, Harris was participating in the Coach Woodson Las Vegas Invitational (“Coach Michael Woodson’s Inaugural Golf and Lifestyle Event“), when he arrived at the 17th hole. It was a 190-yard par 3 that promised a Range Rover to whomever could play it in two-under.

According to ESPN’s Front Row Web site, “Harris’s shot hit the hill to the left of the green, rolled on and rolled in.”

“I actually put a good swing on the ball,” said the 18-handicap golfer. “It was the right distance.”

Guess it was. And it was the right timing, as well, for his first-ever hole-in-one.

This is turning into something of a thing for ESPN’s on-air talent. Less than a year ago, Stuart Scott had a hole-in-one at the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic. He doesn’t appear to have won anything extra for his effort, though, so why did Scott bother?