Cristiano Ronaldo stays pretty in Japan. (Issei Kato/Reuters)

Leave it to the nation who brought the world “Tore,” a Japanese game show that asks its contestants to answer trivia questions WHILE BEING MUMMIFIED, to bring us a clip of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo imitating Michael Jackson. (Make sure to turn the sound on.)

Why the Real Madrid star impersonated the King of Pop remains a mystery, but why he did a lot of things on television while in Japan the last couple of days is also dumbfounding.

Take this 12-minute clip, for instance. Ronaldo looks simultaneously amused and terrified while the hosts give him flowers, tote out a life-size cutout to talk about his abs in a language he doesn’t understand, demonstrate some strange fitness equipment, including a facial exerciser that looks like a seagull flapping around in a dude’s mouth and… well, it’s better to just watch it.

Is this real life? Yes. Ronaldo is in Japan being promoted as the new face of healthcare brand MTG, Daily Mail reports.

“I think Japan is a fantastic country, fantastic people,” the star said via the British newspaper. “I had the opportunity to be here before and I know the fans here. They are amazing.”

Ronaldo’s latest trip may have been awkward, but apparently it was a lot of fun.

(H/t: SBNation)