Taylor Townsend (DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Ever watched World Team Tennis? If not, here’s one rule you should know that differs from regular tournament tennis: If you’re playing doubles and your partner gets hurt, instead of forfeiting the match, you can opt to play by yourself against two opponents.

No, it does not make sense.

Yet that is exactly what happened Thursday during a WTT match between the Washington Kastles and the Philadelphia Freedoms. Taylor Townsend and Liezel Huber of the Freedoms took on Martina Hingis and Anastasia Rodionova of the Kastles. But after Townsend accidentally dinged the back of Huber’s skull with a forehand and it was clear Huber was too hurt to continue (she’ll recover, though, don’t worry), she chose to take on the two Kastles alone.

Despite the two-on-one situation, however, Townsend was forbidden from covering her now-absent partner’s territory, meaning she had to watch passively while her opponents’ serves whizzed by.

Eventually, everyone just kind of stopped trying.

On the plus side, Townsend was able to salvage a few points here and there, but ultimately her team (as in she) lost, 21-15. (Scoring in World Team Tennis dispenses with traditional scoring and instead simply adds up the number of games won by either side. Also, the court looks like a Mondrian painting because who knows.)

(H/t: SBNation)