Josh Murray put all the right moves on Andi Dorfman. (Rick Rowell/ABC via Associated Press)

Aaron Murray is an NFL quarterback. His brother Josh, meanwhile, is clearly an ace pitcher … of woo.

Josh Murray outlasted a bunch of other dudes and won Andi Dorfman’s heart, meaning that he came out on top in tonight’s finale of “The Bachelorette.” Josh even did the classic move, getting on one knee to propose to his reality show co-star true love. Naturally, Andi accepted.


Of course, she did! Many thought this thing was in the bag right from the get-go. Andi is a lawyer in Atlanta, where Josh also happens to live; it was revealed that they are only about five minutes away from each other. Her family are big fans of the Georgia Bulldogs, for whom Josh played baseball, as well as a little football. In fact, Josh’s Twitter handle is @jmurbulldog.

Which brings us back to Aaron, who not only also played for Georgia but was, in fact, a huge football star in Athens. Aaron finished his career in 2013 with SEC records for completions (921), passing yards (13,166), touchdown passes (121) and total offense (13,562). Now he’s a backup with the Chiefs, one who may or may not be thrilled with the fact that, outside of Georgia, he’s now most famous for being the future brother-in-law of the Bachelorette.

Certainly, although Aaron has had the better athletic career, Josh can say that, between the two, he’s accounted for the biggest win this year.