Not exactly BFFs. Maybe it’s because Charles talks too much. (Getty Images)

When the topic is Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley has a lot to say.

Technically, Barkley always has a lot to say, but he was particularly forthcoming when asked last week about Woods.

“We’re not friends anymore,” Barkley said in an interview on the “Mike Missanelli Show” on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia.

Maybe they were, maybe they never were. Friendship often is in the eye of the beholder, but that didn’t prevent Barkley from doing a little amateur psychoanalysis.

“I think that when you’re as great as he has been, and this probably is a negative at some point, like he was so consumed with being the greatest golfer ever, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. Even when was a friend of mine, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. He just had a one-track mind. He just wanted to break Jack Nicklaus’ record.”

Barkley and Woods are inherently different as competitors. Barkley always had other interests, Woods was laser-focused on golf and winning from the time he was a child. There are signs that life may be changing a bit now for Woods. After his marriage so spectacularly and sadly fell apart, he went through rehab and has been in a relationship with Lindsey Vonn for over a year. He now speaks often and happily about his kids, who join him at tournaments and bring a balance to his life.

“Golf is just a game,” Barkley said. “Your life don’t [stink] … But I think when you put yourself in that situation where your whole life revolves around how you’re doing on a golf course, you’re gonna develop a negative attitude to a certain degree, instead of saying, ‘I’ve actually got it pretty good.’ It’s like people who say I never won a championship. I understand that. I accept that. But it ain’t like I’m sitting around saying, ‘Oh my God, my life [stinks]. This is so miserable.’ ”

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