Just how healthy is Derrick Rose after two season-ending knee injuries?

He says his “confidence level is through the roof.” And there’s photographic evidence to back him up.

Just how healthy is the 2010-11 NBA MVP? “I’m there,” Rose, who hasn’t played since Nov. 22 and has appeared in only 49 games over the last three seasons, told reporters at Team USA practice in Las Vegas (via the Chicago Tribune). “You know how good you are, but I didn’t know. Now my confidence is crazy. I’m there, man. I’m not worried about that. My confidence is very high. That’s the only thing you might see this year, that my confidence level is through the roof.”

The Chicago Bulls star has been cleared to play since March, but drew some criticism for not returning to play — all part of his plan.

“I’ve been preparing for this for a long time,” Rose said. “[The practice Monday was] probably big to everyone else because they probably haven’t seen me, but I dedicated my whole summer for this moment. No one has seen me in a long time. It’s kind of weird. People are kind of like in awe to even see me going down the floor, like I’m handicapped or something…This is only the beginning of a long journey, a long grind.”