The competition on vacation was a little less daunting than at the British Open. (Andrew Yates / AFP Getty Images)

Tiger Woods wasn’t kidding when he said he plans to win every golf event he enters.

Just ask Sam and Charlie Woods.

Dad took his two adorable tots on vacation and, like families on vacation, they did a lot of fun things together and played some miniature golf. Gack.

“We had a good little time,” Woods, speaking at a Deutsche Bank Championship video conference Monday, of his vacation with Lindsey Vonn, 7-year-old daughter Sam and 5-year-old son Charlie. “We toured a little bit and even played a little Putt-Putt, which I won every single time.”

Every. Single. Time. Yikes. (Plus, he proved Charles Barkley right, in a way.)

Even though he beat his kids, he felt pressure from one of them.

“I’ve got a little 5-year-old right now that is really pushing me pretty hard. He wants to beat me in everything,” Woods said, “and that said, I was able to kick his butt in Putt-Putt. I’ve shown him how to get it done.”