LeBron James greets fans in Hong Kong. (Tyrone Siu /Reuters)

Fancy a signed pair of LeBron James’s shorts? How about a pair that he strips off and signs in front of you? That’s what one lucky (?) fan received in Taiwan when James, who just wrapped up a Nike-sponsored tour of Asia, took to a stage and looked to be playing strip poker with himself.

“Witness!” the host screams.

The recently re-signed Cleveland Cavalier spent the past week in China, including tours of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“Every time I come here, the game of basketball grows more and more,” James a crowd of fans at the Wukesong Sports Center in Beijing on Monday (via the Associated Press). “It’s been great all the way from before I came to 2008 Beijing Olympics and all the way now for me to come back in 2014. The game continues to rise and I think that’s amazing.”