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Richard who?

When it comes to being the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals upped the ante Tuesday night, signing Patrick Peterson to a five-year, $70-million contract extension…topping the four-year, $56-million deal the Seattle Seahawks gave Richard Sherman two months ago.

That prompted a sly shot in a tweet Sherman chose to retweet:

Gulp. No response from Peterson yet. The way he sees it, there’s a four-way competition for the best, with Cleveland’s Joe Haden and New England’s Darrelle Revis in the conversation, too.

“That’s going to go on the rest of our careers,” Peterson said Sunday. “All four guys in the conversation … we all have different skill sets and all four of us have the ability to be the best in the league. The competition is real, I love it, and it will make all four of us play that much harder. I don’t have anything against any of those guys.

“Do I feel I am the best cornerback? Absolutely. That answer is never going to change. But that conversation is always going to come up.”

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco ranked Peterson ahead in his top 100, putting Peterson at eight and Sherman at 11. From Prisco:

Here’s what two general managers had to say about Sherman:

GM No. 1: “Overhyped. Not the ideal athlete that you look for at the cornerback position, but fits what they do well. He has very good ball skills and recognition skills, but benefits greatly from their front and the safety help over the top.”

GM No. 2: “See how he does when he doesn’t have a push. In that defense, they don’t ask him to play a lot of man. He’s more of a one-dimensional player. He’s very good at what they ask them to do. Sherman’s big and long, so that helps. He’s good, but Peterson is better.”


“GM No. 2: “He is big, tough and lines up all over the place. He can play the press-man you want and he takes the other team’s best receiver. He can go into the slot. He can go to the left side, the right side. It doesn’t matter. That’s the difference. I don’t think you could put Sherman in their scheme and he’d do the same things.”