Penn State and offensive line coach Herb Hand are serious about social media, so serious that misuse of it cost him a PSU scholarship.

Hand, who came to the Nittany Lions along with Coach James Franklin from Vanderbilt, announced Tuesday that he had “dropped another prospect” because of his “social media presence” and added that he was glad he “got to see the ‘real’ person before we offered him” a scholarship.”

Hand said all of this … on Twitter, in a gesture that was moderately ironic, but educational about the positive uses of social media.

Penn State coaches are required to have Twitter accounts, which Franklin regards as an essential  recruiting tool. He told ESPN that one gaffe won’t doom a recruit or player, but a pattern of them will. “It’s another piece of information,” he told ESPN, comparing social media info to transcripts and game film.

“There’s an opportunity in social media that’s very powerful to connect with people,” Hand explained to’s Adam Rittenberg earlier this summer.. “It’s important for people to understand that before they get involved with it because you also can shoot yourself in the foot real quick. That’s one of the problems with a lot of the young guys on there, players we’re recruiting. They don’t think before they post stuff. They don’t realize that this is your brand.

“You’re telling the world who you are.”