Jennifer Hudson. (Carlo Allegri)

From one soap opera to another, pro wrestler David Otunga has taken his talents (at least for one episode) from the WWE to “General Hospital.”

Although Otunga, who’s married in real life to singer Jennifer Hudson, hasn’t been spotted on ‘Raw’ since The Authority called on him in 2013 to advise over a lawsuit brought on by The Big Show, the former WWE Tag Team Champion remains on the roster of current superstars on the WWE’s Web site.

Otunga’s been busy, though.  He appeared as a police officer in the Halle Berry flick “The Call,” posed for magazine covers and is probably still busy trying to forget about the time he once pretended to fall in love on VH1 as part of the “I Love New York 2” cast.

Now, Otunga, playing himself, is showing his most dramatic chops on ABC’s long-running daytime soap, thanks to lines like this, courtesy of General Hospital’s head writer Ron Carlivati.

Yes, there’s a character on the soap called “The Dominator” and she is a wrestler/housemaid in the hospital awaiting a new heart. Obviously.