It was briefly raining mean tweets in the wake of the David Price trade. (Carlos Osorio/Associated Press)

It’s been a tough season for Rays fans. After cheering for one of the American League’s most consistent winners over the past six seasons, they have had to watch this year’s version struggle to stay relevant. Today, the team more or less waved the white flag on its season by trading away ace David Price.

But, not to worry, because a Tampa television station had just the elixir for its baseball team’s disheartened partisans: Point out that Detroit is a terrible, terrible place. That’ll show ’em!


Turns out, not everyone thought this was all that hilarious, or at least in the best of taste. So the station deleted it, leaving this reference to the mini-brouhaha on its Twitter page:

However, Fox 13’s sibling station in Detroit wasn’t going to take the initial provocation lying down. Fox 2 News responded with a  reminder that Tampa attracts crowds to its beaches, but not so much to its baseball games:  

Well played, Fox 2 News. To its credit, the Tampa station re-tweeted this pointed rebuttal with the comment, “Fair enough.”