San Antonio’s relentless, remorseless march to ultimate victory shows no sign of abating. (Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

It’s just been that kind of 2014 for the Spurs. They crushed LeBron James and his the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, along the way winning Coach of the Year honors for Gregg Popovich and Executive of the Year honors for R.C. Buford.

Now the Spurs have walked away with an even more coveted award: Mascot of the Year. Well, it’s more coveted among NBA mascots. Yeah, probably not even among them.

Nevertheless, a hearty round of applause goes to Spurs Coyote. The award may actually have come as news to him, literally, to judge from his Facebook page:


The Coyote, as his page calls him, has been around since 1982, and has won this award at least once previously. He might have clinched this year’s honors in a March game when he took a basketball to his face, lost his eyeballs and kept on working the crowd. Here’s video of that feat of mascotting excellence (warning: for a moment, the Coyote’s eyes are stacked vertically, and it’s a little disturbing).