(Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is reportedly among the top bidders hoping to buy the Buffalo Bills, the Associated Press reports.

“Trump’s significant wealth, name recognition and real estate knowledge makes him a viable option,” Michael Cohen, Trump’s executive vice president and special counsel told the Associated Press by e-mail.

Previously, however, many did not consider Trump’s interest serious, including Forbes writer Mike Ozanian, who wrote:

“Trump stands about as much of a chance as being approved by the league to buy the Bills as I do.”

Trump, himself, didn’t help his cause when he said Tuesday on Fox News (via AP) that “the chances are very, very unlikely” that he would end up owning the team. But Trump wasn’t doubting his chances because of the NFL approval process; he was talking about his maximum bid. “I’m not going to do something totally stupid,” he said, adding, “I’ll be bidding, but many other people will be bidding.”

Just how many people put in bids, which were due Tuesday, is unclear. The sale of the team, which is expected to go for at least $1 billion, is being handled by Morgan Stanley for the family of deceased owner Ralph Wilson. Because the sale is private, the bidders’ names will not be made public by the firm. The only other bidders the AP reports are in the running are Terry and Kim Pegula, owners of the NHL Buffalo Sabres.

Even Roger Goodell said today while speaking to reporters outside the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, that he doesn’t know who or how many people have bid on the team.

The process is far from over. The next step will be for Morgan Stanley to invite qualified bidders to meet with the firm and members of the estate. After that, potential buyers will submit their formal bids, the amounts on which could increase due to the unsealed bidding process, the AP reports. Finally, a new owner could be announced by Labor Day and approved by other NFL league owners in October if everything goes smoothly.