Kevin Durant, left, and James Harden. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Nike may not always have the best things to say about other people’s wardrobe choices, but the sports apparel company sure knows how to make a statement with its own threads. The latest iteration of the U.S. men’s basketball uniforms are pretty darn cool.

Thumbs up, right? These uniforms that will be worn by the likes of Kevin Durant and James Harden in the upcoming FIBA World Cup in Spain somehow look futuristic and classic all at once. Nike’s press release states:

Both the USA home and away uniforms feature red, white and blue hues meshed together in the 26-degree speed graphic — crossing the front of the game jersey, fading into a representation of the USA flag, and extending across the side of the game short from the front to the back. The speed graphic represents a distinctive basketball point of view, based on the roughly 1,000 directional changes, or ‘cuts’ that a player might make in the course of a game.”

Andre Drummond seems to like his.

The public will have to wait until Aug. 16, however, to see the kits in action. Team USA is set to play an exhibition game against Brazil at Chicago’s United Center at 9 p.m. EDT.

For those who can’t wait until then, Nike says the uniforms will be available to purchase Aug. 7.