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Astronaut Barry Wilmore will head up to the International Space Station with two Russian cosmonauts on Sept. 25. He won’t return to Earth until March 2015. This could have been somewhat problematic for the Tennessee native, because he’ll miss nearly the entirety of college football season (Wilmore played at Tennessee Tech).

But he needn’t worry, because NASA’s top scientists are on it. Here’s the Tennessean:

Because of his love for football, Wilmore had NASA arrange to provide the new SEC Network in the space station and plans to watch Tennessee Tech’s games on the Internet.

“I don’t watch a lot of sports — my wife might not agree with that — but I do like to watch football, the SEC Game of the Week, and I try to catch Tech every chance I get,” Wilmore said.

So, in other words, if you’re living in a space station 205 miles above the Earth’s surface, you can watch the SEC Network. If you’re a DirecTV, Charter Communications or Verizon FiOS subscriber, you cannot (though DirecTV and Charter, a major cable provider in the SEC-mad state of Alabama, are reportedly close to a deal with the network).