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Brett Favre is coming back. Back to football. Back to Green Bay.

The former Packers great, unceremoniously traded by the team in 2008, will return to Lambeau Field for a ceremony in which his No. 4 will be retired. Just when he’ll return is another matter. There’s no set date.

“I’m pleased to announce that I will be returning to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2015 for induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and retirement of my jersey,” Favre said in a statement on his website.

“It was a tremendous honor to play 16 years for the Green Bay Packers. Now to have my name placed among others such as Starr, Hornung, Kramer, Taylor, Lambeau, Nitschke, Lombardi, Davis, White and Hutson is a special honor that I share with all of my teammates and coaches, and that would not have been possible but for the foresight of Ron Wolf, the greatest GM in the history of the NFL.

“I’m truly looking forward to celebrating and sharing this special moment with all of the great fans of the Green Bay Packers.”

Favre will join the team in a teleconference to announce the news Monday, nearly six years to the day since they shipped him to the New York Jets. The concern with bringing Favre back is the idea that he might be booed. Favre, living in retirement and coaching high school football in Mississippi, was unconcerned about that, but the Packers were aware of the possibility.

“In spite of what people may think … the facts are that I feel like the relationship [with the Packers] is a good relationship,” Favre told John Jurkovich and Carmen DeFalco, of ESPN 1000 in Chicago. The ex-quarterback added that he was in ongoing discussions with Packers brass about plans for a jersey retirement ceremony. “We are going to do it,” Favre said. “It’s just a matter of when. From my end, everything’s good.”

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