Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo had a rough time last month trying to market a bizarre line of facial exercising equipment in Japan, but he’s making up for that awkward stint with a campaign he seems much more suitable for. Ronald is promoting his own CR7 underwear brand by modeling the goods on giant billboards projected onto the walls of buildings in seven of the world’s most fashion-forward cities.

“Launching my own underwear brand was a dream come true,” Ronaldo said (via The Daily Mail). “I am really proud of my second CR7 Underwear collection and wanted to launch it in a way that was personal to me, and to have some fun with it.”

Here’s Ronaldo having some fun with it behind the scenes.

For those hoping to purchase Ronaldo’s underwear, you better be ready to drop some serious cash, though. The blue and orange pair Ronaldo’s showing off in the ads costs 24.95 Euros, or roughly $33. In comparison, soccer star David Beckham’s branded underwear at H&M goes for $34.95 for a three-pack. (Although, it seems to be temporarily sold out.)

Those who want the cheapest celebrity-endorsed undies, of course, need look no further than Hanes, a brand that’s been touted by Michael Jordan for years. A five-pack of Jordan-approved boxer briefs is currently going for $11.99 online.

Or maybe you just want to go commando and instead get hip to that weird facial exerciser mentioned at the beginning of this article. Here’s the official ad featuring a fully-clothed, but very awkward Ronaldo: