Jon Jones (Matthew Sherwood/AP)

Most people assumed they’d have to wait till next month’s UFC 178 pay-per-view to see light heavyweight champion Jon Jones take on challenger Daniel Cormier. But after an overly aggressive photo-op during which the two fighters butted heads for the cameras, fans who showed up to today’s free promotional event got a little taste of the action.

If one didn’t know better, they might think this was a planned WWE-style event. Sets fall down! People roll off the stage! Security needs to be brought in to break it up! How exciting! Except this wasn’t a setup made solely for TV. This was a real brawl. To view extended footage, click here.

Cormier has been poking at Jones via social media in the past week, which may have led the rivalry to come to a [punch in the] head today. Most recently, Cormier took to Instagram to taunt Jones for revealing he had a deep gash above his eye.

Cormier’s caption:

“September 27th I’m gonna put so many of these on ur face @jonnybones. I can’t wait everyday I’m dreaming and thinking of you. And I’m gonna take u down and grind my elbow into that cut you got today. Put a bullseye on that thing. Some things should remain private. DC”

Jones didn’t seem to be phased, however. On the same day Cormier posted his threat, Jones used his bandwidth do post a short video of himself playing with his cat.


But Jones wasn’t feeling quite so friendly today. After the media-day light-up, Jones had a few harsh words for Cormier.

Jones said with a grin:

“DC, you suck. You suck! You’re gonna chop me over the neck and get beat up, and I had you on your back! What?! In, like, six seconds. You suck, you felt so weak!”

Cormier took to Twitter with his response to the brawl.