Vin Scully was impressed with a young Dodgers fan’s top-rock moves and, of course, was far too classy to point that the boy needs to work some more on his helicopter. (Nick Ut/Associated Press)

Vin Scully has seen it all in his 65 years calling Dodgers games. Or so one might have thought, but it’s possible he hasn’t seen a young boy break-dance before.

Scully was in the midst of breaking down some pitching statistics when this happened:

Okay, not bad. But to Scully, this was big news. “Oh, wait a minute, never mind the numbers,” the legendary announcer said. “We’ve got something going here. More fun than the game right now … yessir! A star is born.”

Just like the consummate pro that Scully has been for decades, he recognized a bright spot in what turned into a dreary loss for Los Angeles and went with it.

One can only imagine what he would have made of this kid:

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