Jon Bon Jovi probably thought he was helping his case when he wrote a letter to Buffalo Bills fans reassuring them that if he was chosen to be the next owner of the team that he would not move them to Toronto. The rock star had previously hinted that he might.

Not only was the letter viewed by many as a last-ditch effort to save face, but welp! It turns out Bon Jovi’s letter may have actually violated terms in the nondisclosure agreement he signed with the Bills, The Buffalo News reports. The paper goes on:

The Buffalo News has obtained a copy of the confidential nondisclosure agreement distributed by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Irrevocable Trust to prospective buyers. …
Atop the second page of the six-page agreement, it’s stated that without prior written consent, no one who signs it may “disclose to any person (other than your representatives) that the confidential information has been made available to you or your representatives, this agreement exists or the terms hereof, you are considering the transaction or any other possible transaction with the company, or that discussions or negotiations have taken or are taking place concerning the transaction.”

Bon Jovi’s admission in the letter that he is “bidding on the Buffalo Bills” after he signed the non-disclosure agreement may have actually violated it.


Likewise, Donald Trump’s boastful claims about his own bid may have also put him in the violators category, The Buffalo News reports. The paper explain why:

The agreement prevents possible buyers from sharing such confidential Bills information as financial statements, sales data, budgets and studies “with any other person, including other potential bidders and equity or debt financing sources … regarding a possible transaction” with the Bills.
Not being allowed to communicate with “other potential bidders” prevents suitors from discussing even the possibility of joining forces to buy the team. Anyone interested in approaching as a minority owner would have to be rebuffed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, though, depending on your view of these two possible owners, Bon Jovi’s and Trump’s violations won’t likely disqualify them from the process. The Buffalo New reports that is because their remarks had caused no financial harm to the team, The Buffalo News writes.

The third known bidder is the duo of Terry and Kim Pegula, the owners of the Sabres. They, as well as any other bidders who might exist, have mostly been quiet throughout the process.