At first, Justin Verlander appeared to pay little attention to the woman behind the dugout. (Mike Upton / Getty Images)

As baseball enters its stretch run, the Detroit Tigers have made moves to fortify their lineup for a run deep into the playoffs and that means one thing: prepare for lots of Kate Upton updates.

Not that most people will complain, if Monday night is any guide. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model ventured into the Bronx to occupy a front-row seat for the Tigers’ game against the New York Yankees, and she came away with a free baseball and everything. Of course, she is dating Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, who, in one of the smoothest moves seen on a diamond recently, playfully tossed a baseball to her. And it’s pretty safe to say that her reaction melted his heart a little bit.

It’s the kind of moment — prepare for postseason adorableness! — that could make a guy forget a 4.66 ERA.

H/T CJZero