Well, Hunter, at least you’re a lot more famous now. (George Nikitin/Associated Press)

The Giants have left New York — and those mischievous, sign-wielding Mets fans – but that doesn’t mean that Hunter Pence is free from the trolling. When something is this widely enjoyed, it becomes widely mimicked.

And so it was that Pence arrived at Milwaukee’s Miller Park, and was confronted with more of the same.

“Hunter Pence Still Has a Blockbuster Card” is pretty solid. Then, of course, there are the legion of tweets, as #HunterPenceSigns went all trendy:

And so on. Tonight a new development: “Hunter Pence”-style signs that take aim at the Mets, possibly to give that fan base a taste of its own medicine. Or possibly just because some Nats fans wanted to get in on the act in a way that made sense for the game they were actually attending.