Brock Lesnar (John Locher/AP)

WWE touts its programming as PG-rated. However, Monday’s iteration of “Raw” skewed toward an R rating when former UFC fighter Brock Lesnar, who will face John Cena in the main event in the SummerSlam pay-per-view on Aug. 17, cut a promo that had WWE fans reeling.

If you don’t have 5 minutes 44 seconds to devote to choreographed fighting, here’s the line from the above promo that got everyone talking: Lesnar threatened to leave Cena “in a pile of blood and urine and vomit.”

Lesnar’s rather absurd words almost certainly will inspire one of the most instantly catchy but grossest memes to come out of the WWE. Fans, including yours truly, reacted with a fervor online. People vined it.

People lobbied the WWE to make T-shirts featuring the instantly infamous phrase.

And, of course, people made jokes, many of which require you be a WWE fan to understand.

What did you think of the promo? Was it too much or just enough?