Vince Young (Mike Blake/Reuters)

WWE’s “Raw” rolled through Austin on Monday night, bringing with it a predictably cheap ploy to get Longhorns fans in the audience riled up.

Midway through the three-hour program, WWE jokester Damien Sandow, who once clowned on LeBron James and Lance Stephenson, emerged from backstage dressed in Sooners gear and gave a rousing speech about how much better Oklahoma football is than Texas. Obviously, boos ensued.

To counter Sandow’s efforts, Mark Henry, a Texas-size former Olympic weightlifter-turned-wrestler from the Lone Star State, came out to end a lengthy absence and squash Sandow. Cue the cheers.

Also, cue a lengthy shot of Vince Young, a former Texas quarterback and first-round NFL draft pick in 2006, who announcers JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole failed to name probably because Young isn’t a cultural reference from the 1950s, the era in which the rather lackluster announcer team seems to be stuck in.

Fans recognized Young’s face, however, when Henry went over to high-five him. The duo earned lots of cheers.