The Falcons did their annual “Friday Night Lights” thing at an Atlanta high school. (Jason Getz / AP)

“Hard Knocks” returned to HBO on Tuesday night, with the Atlanta Falcons the subject of this year’s NFL reality series/educational program.

This wasn’t the unfettered fun it used to be with Chad Ochocinco/Johnson, Terrell Owens or the New York Jets, but there were a few moments of solid entertainment.

To wit:

Coach Mike Smith padded around his office, greeting players while wearing dad sandals.

Rookie defensive tackle Donte Rumph wasn’t thrilled to be slapped with the moniker “Cupcake.” Defensive line coach Bryan Cox called him Donte when he made a good play, so that made him happier.

Defensive tackle Peria Jerry retired, in a solemn moment lightened by Steven Jackson’s incredulity: “He retired? Today? Are you serious? Can I Google it?”

There were a number of scraps between the players, which is always diverting, and they prompted Mike Tice, the offensive line coach, to observe that “we’re not going to get any better doing that [expletive].” Well, no.

This wouldn’t be “Hard Knocks” without a reality show connection and this one comes from Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak (of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”). By the way, we learned that Zolciak thinks Biermann talks too much [expletive].

Wide receiver Harry Douglas confessed to a streak of fastidiousness  and confided: “Don’t judge me, but I use women’s deodorant. It keeps me fresh. I love the way it smells.”

Safety William Moore bought his house because it has a gigantic indoor palm tree. Also, he has virtually every shoe ever cobbled.

And, just because, there was a Terrell Owens appearance at Jackson’s art show. Yes, T.O. is in shape and ready to play.