Luis Suarez grabs his teeth after biting the shoulder of Italy’s Giorgia Chiellini in the World Cup. (Ricardo Mazalan/AP)

When Barcelona paid $128.5 million to Liverpool in transfer fees to obtain Luis Suarez, the La Liga team didn’t just pay for the striker’s standouts skills, but also his liabilities. Team President Josep Maria Baromeu is hoping for the best, however. He said there is not a “no biting” clause in the controversial soccer star’s contract, the Telegraph reports.

Suarez has been caught biting three different opponents during his professional career, all of which have garnered the 27-year-old Uruguayan some type of punishment. Most recently, after Suarez tried to take a chunk out of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup, FIFA banned the star from “all football-related activities” for four months, as well as nine  matches.

Rumors ran rampant after Suarez sunk his teeth into Chiellini’s shoulder that Barcelona demanded a bite clause that would allow the club to punish Suarez financially if he bites again, but Baromeu denied he demanded any such thing.

“No, there is no clause,” Baromeu told CNN’s James Montague and Amanda Davies (via the Telegraph), adding, “If the clause did exist we wouldn’t say it, but it doesn’t exist.”

Baromeu says he is “confident” Suarez will not bite again. “This is a question for him,” he told CNN. “We are confident.” He also stated that the World Cup bite did not affect Barcelona’s decision to go after Suarez, although he is glad the star apologized. “That’s very important for us,” Baromeu said.

On the chance that Suarez does bite another opponent while playing for Barcelona, however, Baromeu was less forthcoming about what would happen to the Uruguayan striker. He told CNN:

“This is a question that a lot of people now ask us. We cannot talk about something that could happen or not. We don’t know. What we know is that we accept this responsibility and he also wants this responsibility of bringing Luis Suarez to the family of football.”

As to how exactly the Catalan club and Suarez will tackle the responsibility, Baromeu did not confirm or deny bringing in a psychologist. Instead he simply told CNN, “Of course, we are going to act.”