Adam Dunn made a big impression as a pitcher Tuesday night. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The White Sox were getting walloped by the Rangers, 15-0, entering the ninth inning, so Chicago did what many teams have done in such hopeless situations: Bring a position player to pitch, thereby saving a relief pitcher some unnecessary wear-and-tear. But this time, it wasn’t exactly a position player taking the mound at U.S. Cellular Field — it was the designated hitter, and very large person, Adam Dunn.

The home crowd (or what was left of it), which had had next to nothing about which to cheer, went wild. And sure there were some not-great, if amusing pitches …

… but “Big Donkey” acquitted himself perfectly well. He wound up allowing two hits, a walk and one earned run, which was at least as effective as every other pitcher the White Sox had trotted out.

In the process, Dunn made some history. 

At the University of Texas, Dunn was a backup quarterback for a little while, so he does know something about throwing a ball. And if his 653 career strikeouts while looking (thank you, are any indication, Dunn has certainly seen his share of quality pitches. So maybe he just sort of figured out how to pitch by osmosis, or something.